Luftzeit – Brand

High and far towards happiness


There may be limits in everyday life. Not in your “airtime”.


… your freedom begins where others see their limits …

When we talk about freedom, we think of the feeling that comes when you sit on your bike and with every pedal step, everyday life disappears bit by bit behind you.


… Any feeling other than the boundless is worthless …

With our clothes we increase the choice for all those who, like us, want to enjoy uncompromising freedom in their free time and also express this attitude to life in their clothes! It is important to us to refine high-quality textiles. I am sure everyone knows the feeling when you would prefer to wear your favourite shirt all the time … and the joy of being able to put it back on after the wash. That’s our goal … If this joy comes to you when wearing our clothes, then we have done our job.

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